Arafat Hegazy

About me.

A husband, a father, and a computer engineer. I like to learn new things. I believe in continuous improvement. The only static fact is the “Change”. I believe I can make a difference in this life. I like my profession very much and seeking perfection in it. I am passionate about other people experiences and hence learn these free lessons

What can I help with.

Architecture consultation

Help to create system architecture and software design. Review existing architecture/design and recommend changes and enhancements.

Software teams building

Help companies in building software teams with the correct mixture of expertise for the expected tasks. Guide and coach the team and the stack holders to create efficient development process.

Software requirements

Help companies create the right requirements for systems and applications.

Process optimization

Help development teams optimizing existing development process. Review tasks flow,  used communication channels with stack holders and customers, and used tools. Come up with a change plan to post the performance.